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Key Examiner Information

Examiner Expectations

  • ALL examiners are expected to be polite, professional and prompt.
  • Examiners are expected to have phone, fax and computer capabilities.  Moving forward examiners must be able to send and receive basic information over the internet or smartphone from the field.
  • Prompt call-backs.  Pre-sets are becoming a common element of doing business in the insurance industry.  We can not be assigned a case without knowing if the exam can be accommodated by an examiner.  If we do not hear back from you in a short period of time we stand to lose the case.
  • Applicants are to be contacted within the first 24 hours of receipt of the case.
  • Examiners must contact the applicant and leave messages on all given telephone numbers.
  • Scheduling of applicants in today's competitive marketplace is of utmost importance.  Applicants are to be contacted on a daily basis until the exam has been scheduled or until it has been determined that there is a problem with the case.
  • Status updates are to be received daily either via call-in, email, fax or EMSI Examiner Web Status.
  • Examiners must review all cases upon receipt to determine that they have the necessary supplies, equipment, and paperwork to complete the exam.
  • Any problems, complaints or difficulties with applicants should be reported immediately.
  • Exams are expected to be reviewed by examiners prior to being sent in for the quality review.  In-house reviews are a timely and costly process as is the continued follow-up with examiners to complete the exam.
  • In some cases, barcodes will be expected to be called in within 3 hours of exam being completed.
  • Copies of completed exam are to be faxed or emailed to our office within 24 hrs. of scheduled appointment time unless otherwise directed.  Fax # (609) 581-8966 and email address is ken@centraljerseyexams.com
  • Original paperwork is to be mailed to our office.  Paperwork should be received within 24 to 48 hrs.  Address is:

Central Jersey Exams
301 Ogden Place
Springfield, PA 19064

  • Examiners are expected to be present themselves in a professional manner in suitable work attire according to the work being performed.  Preferred attire would be workplace casual or lab coat.
    • No Tank Tops
    • No Tee Shirts
    • No Sneakers
  • Pay date for examiners for insurance exams is the 25th of every month.
  • Examiners payment vouchers for cases completed must be received by the 10th of every month.  Vouchers received after the 10th may not get processed for the upcoming payroll.

Quality Review Critical Error Checkpoints

 Lab slip -
  • Correct lab kit used
  • Insurance company's full name
  • Applicant signature and date
  • Examiner signature and date
  • All questions answered
  • Date and time of last food and drink
  • Date and time of collection
  • Exam service name, branch #, EIN # and branch address and phone number
Exam (Paramed & MD) -
  • Correct form used
  • All questions answered
  • Details for "yes" answers given
  • Applicant signature and date
  • Examiner signature and date
  • Exam service name, branch #, EIN # and branch address and phone number
  • Mounted if required by customer
  • Applicant signature
  • Date of service
  • Examiner name
  • Exam service name, branch #, EIN # and branch address and phone number
Senior Assessment -
  • All questions answered
  • Details for "yes" questions given
  • Applicant signature and date
  • Examiner signature and date
  • Exam service name, branch #, EIN # and branch address and phone number
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Key Contact Points

Examiners faxing in their paperwork and voucher sheets should only use the following fax number: (609) 581-8966

Examiners emailing their paperwork and voucher sheets should only use the following email address: ken@centraljerseyexams.com

Examiners calling with questions should use the following telephone number:
(609) 581-8960

Basic Examiner Supplies

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Helpful Tips from the Field

Pre-qualify the exam by briefing the applicant to do the following:
  • Avoid foods unusually high in salt content for 24 hours prior to their exam.
  • Get plenty of sleep the night before.
  • Follow any fasting requirements set forth in the exam requirements.
  • Avoid all alcoholic beverages at least 8 hours before the exam.
  • Avoid tobacco of all forms and caffeine beverages at least 1 hour before the exam.
  • Drink a large glass of water 1 hour before the exam so a urine specimen can be easily obtained.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise for 12 hours prior to the exam.
  • Inform applicant what the exam will consist of:
    • Medical history
    • Vital signs
    • Blood draw
    • Urine specimen
    • EKG if required
    • Length of time required to complete exam
  • Cover the 5 D's and make sure the applicant has this information ready:
    • Date of Diagnosis
    • Diagnosis
    • Duration of treatment and current status
    • Drugs/medications along with dosages
    • Doctors/Hospitals - full name, address and telephone numbers
  • Know where you are going - prepare your GPS or gather your mapped directions the day or evening before the exam.
  • Call applicant 1 day before appointed time as a polite reminder to drink fluids for any urine tests.
  • Confirm appointment 1 to 2 hours prior to exam time... this will cut down on no-shows.
  • Before sending in exams for a final review please take a moment and read the exam backward.  You will be surprised what items you will catch.

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