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Why You May Need Finger-Printing?

The Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) has developed a program called the Hazmat Threat Assessment Program and is now requiring the collection of biographical information and fingerprints from applicants who wish to obtain Hazardous Material Endorsements(HME) on their State issued Commercial Driver's license(CDL).

This requirement became effective on Jan. 31, 2005. Thirty four States in the US adopted this requirement. New Jersey and Pennsylvania are two of them.

Integrated Biometric Technology Co. (IBT) administers this program for TSA in the participating States. Central Jersey Exams is equipped with this technology to record fingerprints through the use of computers that relay the completed results directly to the TSA.

We perform fingerprint services not only for the TSA but also for Federal and State agencies and corporations or organizations that may require them.

We are centrally-located in Hamilton, N.J. and service the marketplace for both New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania.  

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New Jersey Haz Mat Finger Printing Location

If you need further information on Transportation Safety Administration requirements or guidelines you can visit the TSA website clicking the following link:  Transportation Safety Administration

or call direct your calls to the Driver's Help Desk at
(877) 429-7746
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​There are a number of enrollment centers in the State of New Jersey.  To locate the closest one to your home or office is just a click away.  Visiting the below link, you will be able to enter a Postal Code, City or Airport Code to 'Search' for a location.  Use the 'Select Options' dropdown to filter your search.  Finding an enrollment center or arranging an appointment for HME, TSA Pre✓™ and TWIC® has never been easier. 

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Central Jersey Labs is a professional lab testing center that understands your time is valuable. In order to avoid a long wait we encourage you to set-up an appointment time through the following TSA link:
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You are still welcome to attempt a walk-in, unscheduled office visit but due to the high volume of individuals looking to take advantage of the growing number of TSA services, the average wait times are considerable.  

The Hamilton office is open Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.
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