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Drug Screening

Drug Abuse Testing

Central Jersey Exams provides comprehensive drug testing either on an in-office or mobile basis. The tests are fast and accurate and correspond to both Federal and local legal requirements.

These tests are performed for pre-employment, employee random tests, court-ordered screens, prison populations, parents who want to monitor their children, schools, athletes or those individuals who wish to monitor themselves.

Drug screens are performed using either hair or urine.

The screens may be done on a laboratory analyzed basis or on an immediate basis.

The 2 Most Common Ways Of Drug Testing

The 5 Panel Drug Screen - There are multiple urine tests used for substance abuse. The most common is the 5 panel urine test. It is used extensively for pre-employment,  post accident, random corporate screens, and for adolescent/teen drug suspicions.  The 5 panel refers to the five most used illegal street drugs:THC (marijuana), Cocaine (Crack), Methamphetamine (Ecstasy), Amphetamine, Opiates (Morphine).

The 10 Panel Drug Screen - The 10 panel rapid drug test screens for the following drugs: 
Methamphetamine/Amphetamine, Opiate, Cocaine, PCP, Marijuana, Barbiturates, Benzodiazepines, Ecstasy, PCP, Oxycodone. 
9% of heavy drinkers and 10 % of drug users had missed work because of a hangover, 6% had gone to work high or drunk in the past year, and 11% of heavy drinkers and 18% of drug users had skipped work in the past month.

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  • All tests are supervised,reviewed and approved by Ph.D. staff scientists.
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Schools Struggling To Keep Up...

Teen Drug Testing | Drug Use in Schools
School/Athletic Drug Screening - As our nation's drug epidemic takes an ever-firmer grip on our nation’s schools, is it any wonder that acts of violence continue to rise? 

Drug abuse seriously interferes with the academic and athletic performance of students and creates an unhealthy learning environment.

As a parent, teacher or school administrator, you want to keep your students safe and secure while you provide them with the best education possible. Keeping drugs out of your school is the only way to do that.
After marijuana, prescription and over-the-counter medications account for most of the top drugs abused by 12th graders in 2010.
Adolescent and Teen Drug Testing | K2 Drug Screens

Young Adults in Crisis

Adolescent & Teen Drug Testing - Your child's behavior patterns may be forewarning you that they are on drugs... are you PAYING ATTENTION?  When children start using drugs, they often exhibit signs which parents need to observe. For example, dilated pupils of the eyes, change in study patterns, selecting different friends or associates. Unfortunately, many parents often write-off these signs as normal adolescent behavior and as a result do not realize that their child is using drugs. If you have suspicions, act now before it is too late!

K-2 Drug Screens - the latest scourge to hit the drug scene is a synthetic cannabis with a common street name K2 or Spice.  It is a psychoactive herbal and chemical product which, when consumed mimics the effects of cannabis. However, it also causes hallucinations, vomiting, agitation and other dangerous effects. 

The typical users are college and high school students because it is cheap and readily available at head shops and online.  This drug is not detected in the common drug screens, so a secondary test, one specifically checking for the synthetic drugs used in K2 is now available and is recommended.  

Date Rape Drug Testing - Rohypnol, Gamma Hydroxybutyrate, and Ketamine are the common date rape drugs.  They go by innocent street names like roofies, rope, soap and liquid ecstasy, but their side effects are far from that.  These drugs cause delirium, amnesia, nausea, breathing difficulties and in some cases even death.  They incapacitate their victims and prevent them from resisting sexual assault.  

If you believe that a sexual transgression has occurred, please get tested immediately.  The drugs have extremely short life spans in the body and can not be detected by standard drug tests.   Rohypnol stays in the body for several hours and can be detected in the urine up to 72 hours after ingesting it. GHB leaves the body in 12 hours.  
Drug Screening | Breath Alcohol Testing

The Most Common Types
of  Drug Tests?

Alcohol Test - Alcohol is one of the most commonly abused drugs in our society. Our alcohol drug tests include Alcohol Saliva Test Strips and Alcohol Breathalyzers.  All are professional and reliable, offering you precise and accurate readings for less. Testing children now can help prevent alcohol abuse in their futures.

Hair Follicle Drug Test - Testing hair follicles for remnants of drugs can reveal drug abuse over a period of 90 days.  A hair follicle drug test measures the drug molecules and their specific metabolites that are produced only after the drug has been processed by the human body. This drug screen is proving far more effective than urine testing in identifying low-level drug use over an extended period of time which are normally out of the bloodstream in within 3-7 days.Because of this effectiveness, it has become the standard for courts and businesses.  We offer 2 drug screen panel choices, 5 and 10 panel, which will cover all the most common illegal drugs.  

Urine Drug Screens -  Urine testing is one of the most common drug screening methods for the workplace, school, and personal evaluation.  It is an accurate and reliable way to detect casual drug use that occurred within the past 72 hours.  Urine drug tests are fast, providing results in as little as 5 minutes with high accuracy.

DOT Drug Screens - A DOT drug screen is performed in full conformance with the mandates of the Federal or State Departments of Transportation.  It tests a specimen for the 5 most commonly used illegal drugs - THC (marijuana), Cocaine (Crack), Methamphetamine (Ecstasy), Amphetamine, Opiates (Morphine).  If required, this test can also cover the 10 most commonly used illegal drugs.  A DOT approved chain-of-custody form is used during the collection process, a split sample is collected and the specimens are forwarded to the laboratory for analyzing.  Following the review, the results are reported to the appropriate agencies.

Workplace Drug Programs (in-house or on site) - Nearly 75 percent of all adult illicit drug users are employed, as are most binge and heavy alcohol users. Studies show that when compared with non–substance abusers, substance-abusing employees are more likely to:
  • change jobs frequently
  • be late to or absent from work
  • be less productive employees
  • be involved in a workplace accident
  • file a workers’ compensation claim

Employers who have implemented drug-free workplace programs have important experiences to share.
  • Employers with successful drug-free workplace programs report improvements in morale and productivity and a decrease in absenteeism, accidents, downtime, turnover, and theft.
  • Employers with longstanding programs report better health status among employees and family members and decreased use of medical benefits by these same groups.
  • Some organizations with drug-free workplace programs qualify for incentives, such as decreased costs for workers’ compensation and other kinds of insurance.
  • Affordable
  • Convenient
  • Fast & Accurate Results
  • 100% Confidential 

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