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Corporate Wellness Programs

Let's Talk Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness Programs
We have been performing "Wellness Programs" for nearly 30 years.  Our customers are varied from large multi-national organizations to small privately held companies.

Our experience in the Corporate Wellness sector has allowed our customers to see first-hand that a dedicated, company-specific wellness program can be cost effective and also employee motivational.

The benefits for the organization and the employees are significant. They can be counted in terms of dollar savings, employee satisfaction and support.  A caring employer helps to making a caring worker. You will also find that it is measurable in terms of increased employee productivity and reduction of lost or sick time.

We have a portfolio of solutions that you may select from to customize your program.  Your wellness program is tailored to your needs. Our program can be as extensive or minimal as you desire. Regardless they will always be meaningful.

After consultation with you, we will design a program that meets your costs and concerns. The final program is performed on your site to assist in minimizing lost time with your employees, however if it is more convenient your employees can be seen at  one of our locations.

Biometric Assessments

We commonly perform measurements of blood pressure, body measurements, height, weight and body mass.  However, our skilled staff is up to the challenge of any other required date needed from your event. 

Corporate Wellness Advantages

Here are a few reasons why we think it would be advantageous to invest in a corporate health program: 
  • Create a culture of health  
  • Support employee morale
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Decrease your absenteeism
  • Reduce the costs of your employee health insurance
  • Positively impact your bottom line  

Gain The Benefits of Good Health For Your Employees And Bottom Line

We will collaborate with you to formulate a unique program that will have a positive impact upon your corporation and employees.

Some of the things you might wish to consider are:
  • Biometric screening - measurements of blood pressure, cholesterol levels, triglycerides, blood glucose, height, weight and any other pertinent data that is choosen to measure
  • Health risk assessments
  • On-site health coaching
  • Interactive health coaching
  • On-site course administration
  • Incentive management 
Contact us today to begin your exciting journey into the world of wellness!

Medical Staffing

No matter how big, how many days, or how technical  your wellness event is, we can provide the medical staffing to make your program a success.  

With over 75 skilled RN's, LPN's, phlebotomists and wellness clinicians, we have the type of highly trained and experienced professionals that will provide you with a sense of confidence and assurance.
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Things to Consider When Planning Your Program:  

  1. Introduction to your staff about "Wellness"
  2. How to market the program to your employees
  3. Cost/Benefit Ratio
  4. Appointment of an in-house coordinator
  5. Facilities to be used for the program
  6. How extensive the program will be
  7. Do you want to incorporate "Life Style"questionnaires?
  8. The intensity level of the testing to be performed
  9. Do you want medical counselling?
  10. Would you like any breakout sessions for smoking cessation, how about cholesterol testing or routine blood chemistry analysis?
  11. Would you like to plan an exercise program
  12. What kind of followup program would you like for your employees?
  13. Are stress clinics important to you?        

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