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Are You The Father? Establishing Paternal Rights
by Central Jersey Exams, LLC on November 5th, 2013

40 percent of children in the United States are born out of wedlock.  Isn’t that figure simply amazing?  In a recent article presented by Stangle Law Firm in Missouri they go about explaining why, and how, you should establish paternity for your child.

Establishing paternal rights can provide many benefits for children.
  • Establishing paternity is almost always in the best interests of a child. For one thing, children often receive different kinds of benefits from one or both parents. These benefits may include health and life insurance, the right to an inheritance, Social Security benefits, and, for those children who have had a parent in the military, veteran’s benefits. Typically, paternity must be established in order for a child to receive these benefits from his or her father.
  • Another major advantage of establishing paternity for a child is the right it gives him or her to financial support from the father: unless paternity is established, the father is not legally obligated to provide support. Even if the natural father of a child is presently forthcoming with support, securing the child’s legal right to future support can be extremely important should circumstances change.
  • There are also medical reasons to establish paternity. Doctors need to be aware of the father’s medical history to properly gauge the inherited conditions that may affect a child’s health. In addition, health problems may cause a child to need blood transfusions or tissue transplants from a compatible donor; knowing the identity of the father with certainty is important in order to find compatible relatives, especially for children with rare blood or tissue types.
  • Finally, establishing paternity can benefit children emotionally. Knowing who both their parents are can help give kids a sense of identity and belonging. Furthermore, fathers who are involved in their children’s lives often have a huge positive impact on school performance, behavior and other measures of a child’s well-being — officially establishing paternity can help foster meaningful father-child relationships.  

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